About Us

My name is Crystal and this is Aesthetic Clothing Boutique. My mother, sister and I created Aesthetic because we wanted a place were every woman could feel included no matter their age or shape. We 3 are all different shapes and have never been able to shop together in one place. Trying on clothes is already a tough experience for most no matter your size but standing around looking at things you wish were your size is worse. We wanted a place were every woman was welcome and could find something for them. As a mother I wanted to also include young ladies clothes because what mother does not love getting something for themselves and their daughter too. The store is handled by myself and my sister Rebecca. We also do all our e-commerce work as well. 

Our store

1360 W. Campbell Rd. #113
Richardson, TX 75080

Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
Closed Sunday and Monday